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In August 1987, Ronnie Dick opened the first Cattle Baron Steak Ranch in Bellville. It was his determination to create something exceptional that brought Cattle Baron to a level of excellence that customers enjoy today. His knowledge, passion and experience came into the restaurant industry at precisely the right moment. In 1995 he established the Cattle Baron Franchise Company. Our many years of success can be attributed to stand-alone reliability, consistency, technical know-how, and a highly dedicated management team. Each member has a unique complement of skills and experience to contribute.

For more than 35 years Ronnie has been developing the perfect steak. He has developed the art of meat cutting and oversees every aspect of the meat ageing process within his own stores. The many awards that have been won in the prestigious “Steakhouse of the Year Award” competition by various branches/Cattle Barons over the past years bear witness to our success story.

While meat will remain the backbone of the business, the name Cattle Baron is going to be synonymous with more than just steak in the years ahead.

SUPPORT – Training and Operations

We will assist with the compilation of a business plan and cash flow forecasts which we will forward to the respective financial institutions. We have over 40 years of experience in choosing sites and negotiating leases with landlords.

We will assist with the hiring of suitable staff and management in all sectors, who will be inducted and thoroughly trained by a very experienced team of employees who have been with the Company for many years. All this training and guidance will be developed to ensure a solid grounding for a successful Cattle Baron franchise business.

All aspects of setup and design will be expertly performed by the franchise company. Our franchise company representatives continue to lend ongoing support in the form of evaluating and training of staff – offering suggestions, sharing information and serving as a resource to assist you in keeping your business running smoothly.


Our highly motivated and dedicated marketing team are regularly coming up with exciting, innovative marketing ideas.This includes brand management, market research, product development, design and implementation of in-store promotions and maximising public relations opportunities.


The ideal Cattle Baron franchisee is someone who likes to interact with other people.
The franchisee and his or her team form the front line that makes contact with the customers.

Are you interested in joining the Cattle Baron Franchise Group?

​Contact us on the following link below and a Franchise Company delegate will contact you shortly.